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How do you maintain Corten steel?
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Do you know some knowledge about corten steel? Read on to answer your questions.

Performance and Application

Products s made of weather-resistant steel are delivered without a coat of rust.If the product is left outside, a layer of rust will begin to form after weeks to months. Each product forms a different layer of rust depending on its surroundings.

You can use the outdoor grill immediately after delivery. No handling is required before use. When adding wood to the fire, be careful of being scalded by the heat.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To extend the life of your outdoor oven, we recommend cleaning the steel with a sturdy brush at least once a year.

Remove any fallen leaves or other dirt from the grill as this may affect the rust layer.

Make sure your product is placed in a place where it can dry quickly after rain.

What affects corten steel?

The coastal environment may prevent the spontaneous formation of a rustproof layer on the surface of weathering steel. This is because the amount of sea salt particles in the air is quite high. When soil is continuously deposited on the surface, it is prone to produce corrosion products.

Dense vegetation and moist debris will grow around the steel and will also increase the moisture retention time on the surface. Therefore, debris retention and moisture should be avoided. In addition, care should be taken to provide adequate ventilation for the steel members.


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