Corten Steel
Weathering steel,also known as corten steel, is a series of low alloy steels between ordinary steel and stainless steel, which has a rusted appearance and corrosion resistance characteristics.
BBQ Grill
Created with high-quality weather resistant corten steel, AHL CORTEN BBQ grill gives you the flexibility to do outdoor cooking like steaming, boiling, grilling or searing with entertainment and warm do it by yourself experience.
Fire pit
At AHL CORTEN, each corten steel fire pit is individually made to order for client, our various fire pit models and wide ranges of colors offer multifunctionality.
Garden Screen & Fencing
Anhuilong corten steel screens are mainly used for parks and gardens, office buildings, airports, schools, banks, exhibition centers, government agencies, securities, car exhibition hall, and library and so on.
Garden Lights
AHL CORTEN’s new series of garden lights include lawn lights, square lights, landscape lights, garden lights.In the corten steel lights design, corten steel changes with the time, its unique color and texture can reflect a unique charm, full of artistic sense.
Steel Planter Pot
Corten steel flower pots&planter is made of corten steel,Which can be used to plant different kinds of flowers and widely used in garden. With the cone shape and simple design, it brings a new touch of style to your home or garden. Corten Steel Planter is designed in simple but practical, which is popular in Australia and European countries. 
Garden Edging
Adding the texture of Corten Steel to a garden with edging really brings the space together. Plus, as the steel morphs with the elements, the plants behind it will compliment the subtle greens that develop on the surface from weathering.
Garden Water Feature
Crafted from the finest materials, our water features use unique designs to bring authentic detailing and the calming effect of water to your garden
Metal Art
The combination of rusty looking corten steel with sculptures makes a unique metal art that well matched the natural environment, it also improves the sense of hierarchy for landscape.
Other Garden Ornament
AHL CORTEN provides corten furniture and garden ornament made from weathering steel to enhance your landscape design and make your garden more lively and interesting.
AHL Corten Group
Company Profile
AHL Corten Group is located in Technology Development Zone,Anyang City, Henan Province. Anyang is one of China's eight ancient capitals, state-level historical and cultural city in the world.AHL has been focusing on deep processing of steel and weathering steel corrosion resistant research with more than 10 years experience.AHL is the only enterprise which has the professional pre-rusted technology in Henan. Receiving acknowledgeable reputation at home and abroad…
corten steel BBQ
Large corten steel BBQ with perfect outdoor atmosphere in winter
Fire, barbecue and comfort in nature - create joyful and blissful experiences.Our products are suitable for outdoor gathering places with fireplaces and barbeques, creating the perfect environment for spending a comfortable time with family and friends.
corten steel garden screen
Indoor Household Corten Steel Garden Screen
Our AHL corten steel design ensures that your home and garden will add artistic flavor. Inspired by abstract art, it is the perfect screen that brings you to your own private paradise. Complete the beautiful and weathered corten screenings over time.
corten steel planter
Large round garden planter of weathering steel
The planter is made of metal by skilled craftsmen utilizing precise folding of the metal, using welding during the manufacturing process, and assembling five plates into a rectangle. Planter plates interlock to form an incredible solid plant container that can hold large plants.
corten steel planter
Corten Steel Garden Edging: DIY Lawn Edging Guide To Boost Curb Appeal
Ready to easily upgrade your outdoor area? Corten steel landscape edges are a quick and relatively inexpensive solution to enhance the roadside appeal of your home. Edges define the yard by highlighting each area with borders that provide beautiful clean lines. Finding the best landscaped edges for your property can be overwhelming as there are many different edge materials to choose from.
corten steel edging
corten steel garden edging-Economic and durable
In recent years, gardeners have fallen under the spell of corten steel. The clean lines and beautiful, rustic finishes it creates in the yard are a major draw, and for good reason. But if you're not ready to commission a professional gardener to install custom work for you, consider looking for some Corten Steel Garden edging.
corten steel planter
Rustic style corten steel planters for garden design
Rustic style corten steel planters are a great way to add character to your garden.
corten steel planter
Economic and durable rust-like corten steel planter
What is a weathering steel planter? Unlike other planter box materials, weathering steel is weathering steel, which means that it will naturally develop a beaut...
Economic and durable corten steel edging for outdoor furniture
Corten steel garden edging is not only economical and durable, but also easy to install and use.
garden edging
Eye-catching corten steel garden edging for garden art
Weathering steel is a very common material in the garden landscape, the color of rust itself is very beautiful, both practical and beautiful function, weathering steel has a lot of advantages, one of the advantages is its When designing a landscape or interior or exterior space, it is easy to shape into varied shapes and maintain excellent integrity.
corten steel screen
Garden style weather-resistant steel screen
The weathering steel screen is not only an ornament in the home, but also a lighting tool at night.