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Why is corten steel better for grills?
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Why is corten steel better for grills?

Corten is the prefect material for outdoor fireplaces, grills and barbecues.It is durable and extremely low maintenance. Just clean after use.

What is corten steel?

Corten steel is a type of mild steel, usually containing less than 0.3% carbon (by weight). This small amount of carbon makes it tough. Corten steels also include other alloying elements that contribute to strength, but more importantly, corrosion resistance.

Advantages of corten steel


Corten steel grill is made of corten steel,corten steel is a kind of alloy steel, in the outdoor exposure after a few years can form a relatively dense layer of rust on the surface, so it does not need to paint protection, it will form rust on its surface. The rust itself forms a film that coats the surface, creating a protective layer. So it's almost maintenance-free.

Corrosion resistance:

Can be used for outdoor grills. Corten steel is a steel with phosphorous, copper, chromium, and nickel-molybdenum added for extreme corrosion resistance. These alloys enhance the atmospheric corrosion resistance of weathering steels by forming a protective patina on the surface. It protects against most weathering effects (even rain, sleep and snow).

The cons of corten steel

While corten steel sounds ideal, there are a few factors that should be considered before construction. Certain weather and climatic conditions may cause durability and corrosion resistance issues. For example, weathering steel should not be built in a high chlorine environment.Because the environment of high chlorine gas will make the surface of weathering steel can not spontaneously form rust layer.
Additionally, it works best in alternating cycles of wet and dry conditions. If the environment is persistently wet or humid, such as submerged in water or buried in soil, it hinders the ability of steel to effectively resist corrosion.

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