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How to Use Corten Screen to Create Your Private Space in the Steel Forest
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In the process of rapid urbanization, more and more people are looking for a moment and privacy and tranquility in the concrete and steel forest. Are you also considering creating a small space in your limited house? Or a rooftop terrace, or a green balcony, or a house garden? So take a look at the corten screen, the famous Manufacturers of corten steel in the industry, which can help you make your dream come true. 

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Why should you choose AHL? 

Strict Quality Assurance: AHL has a reputation for consistently providing high quality corten steel screens. Their commitment to quality control and professional craftsmanship and their commitment to craftsmanship ensure that consumers have access to durable quality products, which is the most important reason why AHL has survived for so many years. Click here for our patent certificate 

Design Expertise: With a team of experienced designers and craftsmen, AHL can provide consumers with guidance and expertise to help them choose corten steel screen designs that are best suitable for their projects. This design support is very valuable to achieving the desired aesthetics and functions, whether it is bending, welding, carving or punching, etching process, our advanced plasma cutting machine, CNC punch and other machining equipment make all this possible. 

Client Support:We have a strong customer support team from whom you can get help from pre-sale, on sale or after sale. The only thing you need to do is tell us what you need (purchase, wholesale or customize), and the rest of our customer team will do our best to provide you with the ideal solution. 
A Variety of Product Choices: At AHL, you can find almost every range of designs, from common barbecues, gardening products, to sculptures, lamps and other decorations, to raw steel, and we offer you dazzling options. In a way, you can almost use our products to create a miniature ideal world for you.

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How to use corten steel screens to create green spaces? 

Imagine what a wonderful experience to go back to an oasis of peace after a day of work, surrounded by lush green plants! So how to create such a wonderful green world? We suggest that you do this: 

Identify the areas that you can use to create a green space :
First, you need to identify the area where you want to become a private retreat. This could be your backyard, a yard, or even a roof garden. Determine the area and boundaries of your private space and consider the height required by corten steel fence accordingly to achieve optimal privacy. For example, if your back garden is in a sparsely populated area in the suburbs, then the planned screen height is just like the average courtyard wall, or even shorter. But if you're in the center of the city and want to create a rooftop garden, in addition to the angle and location you need to carefully consider the height of the screen to maximize the privacy of your green space. 

Select (to customize) the appropriate design and pattern:
Our corten steel screen has many different styles of designs and patterns, whether you like simple, stylish designs or more complex patterns, there is a screen style to meet your needs. In addition to established styles, we can provide customize services for your ideas. Our highly skilled craftsmen can turn your sketches on the drawings into reality.

Integrate corten fence into green plants:
If you want to better combine corten steel fence and green plants to make them look more harmonious in your green space, you can grow some climbing vines or plants along the screen. The color of the plants on the screen can better neutralize the rust and roughness of corten fence, making it less abrupt in large green areas. Furthermore, planting plants along the screen can better enhance privacy because the plant can block the patterned holes in the screen. Of course, you can also trim the plants regularly, so that the screen can show interesting green patterns such as green rabbits and so on. 

Set up environmental lighting:
Lighting is also important for creating a wonderful night atmosphere, so that your back garden can shine at night. In addition to keeping you in the garden at night without falling down from darkness, it can also act as a transition between your house and your garden, making it a natural and harmonious whole. In addition, set up some lights around the corten screen to better show the texture, design and pattern on the screen, and can also prevent you from hitting the screen in a dark environment. 
Add a personalized decor to your green space:
The final step is to carefully select outdoor furniture, cushions and decorations based on the overall style of the garden and your personal preferences, which will add comfort to your green space and show off your unique personality and style. These small details can revitalize this green space and make it a private rest resort. In this way, your unique green space is perfectly presented. Enjoy it, please!

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What you should pay attention to when using corten screen If you choose to grow climbing plants on corten screen?

1.You need to choose a less lush plant, instead, too lush will overwhelming the screen, and you reinforce the screen, even if your plant is just a baby. Also, considering the light and drainage, you need to choose the right screen placement position for your plants to ensure that your plants thrive. Check the corten fence regularly for rust and pay attention to trim plant roots so that both your plants and screens are consistently in optimal condition.

2.When your corten steel screen is installed in the open air, you need to take potential storms into account and use stents if necessary. In addition, when installing your screen, wear protective gloves to prevent your sharp edges from cutting your hands. Strictly follow the installation guide or video.