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What is the difference between corten steel and normal steels?
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What is corten?

Corten steel is an alloy steel that contains the key three elements nickel, copper and chromium, and typically has a carbon content of less than 0.3% by weight. Its lighter orange color is mainly due to the copper content, which over time is covered with a copper-green protective layer to prevent corrosion.

The difference between corten steel and other steels.

● Corten steel is also a low-carbon steel, but low-carbon steel has relatively low tensile strength, is cheap, and is easy to form; carburizing can improve surface hardness. Corten steel has good practicability and high heat resistance and corrosion resistance (can be called "atmospheric corrosion steel").

● They all have the same brown tone compared to mild steel. Mild steel will start out slightly darker, while corten steel will be somewhat metallic and shiny.

● Unlike stainless steel, which does not rust at all, corten steel oxidizes only on the surface and does not penetrate deep into the interior, having the same corrosion properties as copper or aluminum; Stainless steel is not as resistant as corten steel, although resistant stainless steel alloys can be used for custom applications. Its surface is not as unique as that of corten steel.

● Compared to other steels, corten steel requires very little or no maintenance. It has a bronzed appearance on its own and is also beautiful.

The cost of corten.

Corten steel price is about three times the normal low carbon steel plate, but it later maintenance cost is low, and its wear resistance is high, in the metal surface to form a layer of dark brown oxide coating to resist rain, snow, ice, fog and other weather conditions of corrosion effect, it can inhibit the deeper penetration, thereby eliminating the paint and years of expensive rust preventive maintenance needs.

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