Outdoor Corten steel BBQ griddle and grill
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AHL Outdoor Large Classic Corten Steel BBQ-GAS or WOOD

AHL Outdoor Large Classic Corten Steel BBQ-GAS or WOOD

Be it meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan: BBQ is something all foodies need, and it makes perfect sense at all times. That's why barbecues are part of a garden or basic equipment system. Complete grills choose a special long-lasting model that provides you with an added convenience.
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AHL Corten Steel BBQ
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 AHL Corten BBQ has two options, you can choose gas BBQ or wood burning BBQ according to your needs.
AHL Gas BBQ is best suited for use in situations where wood burning is not possible or desirable. You can use gas without the nuisance of smoke. It's also easy to maintain a constant temperature. This gas grill is the ideal solution for home or professional use - restaurants, bars, hotels and catering companies. The product can be used indoors with proper ventilation and pumpingThe grill with its high base and top elevates the art of outdoor cooking with a stylish, modern look and outstanding functionality. Build a wood or charcoal fire in the center of the grill, and heat the stove surface outward from the center. This heating pattern results in higher cooking temperatures compared to the outer edges, so various foods can be cooked at different temperatures at the same time. When not being used as a grill, can also be used as a firebowl to turn on or off cooktops, providing a warm and social and tranquil atmosphere.
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