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Eye-catching corten steel garden edging for garden art
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Weathering steel is a very common material in the garden landscape, the color of rust itself is very beautiful, both practical and beautiful function, weathering steel has a lot of advantages, one of the advantages is its
When designing a landscape or interior or exterior space, it is easy to shape into varied shapes and maintain excellent integrity.
Advantages of weathering steel:
1. Corroded steel will change with time. Its color, lightness and saturation are higher than the general construction materials, so it is easier to highlight in the background of garden green plants.
2. Weathering steel is easy to shape into varied shapes and can maintain excellent integrity.
3. The weather-resistant steel plate can clearly and accurately divide the space, so that the site can be more clearly divided into multiple areas.
4. The art of weathering steel lies in that the embroidery color of weathering steel will gradually become natural and beautiful with the passing of time.

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