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Garden style weather-resistant steel screen
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Garden style weather-resistant steel screen

Screen is a kind of household adornment, more and more European countries like to put a screen in the home, and weathering steel also became screen one of the most popular materials.

Screen placed in the home can play a decorative effect, and can keep out a few do not want to see things, as people demand to improve, the style of screen is more and more, some can also add a lamp belt, like light box, as an ornament during the day, open the lamp at night is also a beautiful scenery.

Now do the suppliers of screen more and more, the style is also more and more, so choose a trusted quality assured factory is a difficult thing, so AHL as a to do more than ten years and suppliers and their factories of the weathering steel processing, will be slightly better in various aspects, not only can be customized according to your demand, You can also see the production flow chart of your products in the factory, so that people can clearly understand the progress of your products after placing an order, without considering the problem of risk. Moreover, as an old supplier for more than ten years, the quality and experience must be trusted by everyone.

Why choose us?
1. AHL CORTEN has large stamping equipment and automatic welding equipment. We use seamless welded, unique CNC plasma cut, handcrafted art and machine stamping in the manufacturing process. The surface of the products can be polished, painted, electroplated etc.

2. We have professional engineer and experienced sales team to serve you, whether you want bespoke or standard products, every AHL CORTEN staff will try their everything to help you.