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Is Corten steel fire resistant?Can it be used for BBQ?
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When were barbecue grills invented?

The first modern grill was built in 1952 by George Stephen, a welder at weber Brothers Metal Works in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Before that, people occasionally cooked outside, but this was done by burning charcoal in a simple, shallow metal plate pan. It doesn't have much control over cooking, so the food is often charred on the outside, undercooked on the inside, and covered in the ashes of charred charcoal. Corten steel grills are easier to use, making grilling more popular. Backyard barbecues are now a common part of American life.

What's new and notable in outdoor grills?

For those stuck at home due to the coronavirus, grilling is a way to change things up and expand menus and horizons. "If you have a patio, yard or balcony, you can have an outdoor barbecue in those places." If your home has a mid-century vibe, you can move it outdoors too.

AHL Corten steel grills of performance.

Our corten steel grills are fire resistant and have many advantages, including maintenance and longevity. In addition to its high strength, corten steel is also a low-maintenance steel. The corten steel grill is not only good looking but also functional, it is durable, weather and heat resistant, its high heat resistance can be used on outdoor grills or stoves, heating up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit (559 degrees Celsius) for Burn, smoke and season food. This high heat quickly crisps the steak and locks in the juices. So its practicality and durability are beyond doubt.

Can you cook on Corten steel? 2022-Jul-25