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Does my Corten planter contaminate the surrounding area with rust or runoff?
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 We are often asked whether the weathering steel planter can contaminate the adjacent area by producing rust runoff or by making direct contact with the surface on which the planter is located. Below are some photos of the Corten Planter, which has been weathering in the same spot on the terrace for about four months. The outside of the planter is completely covered with rust, and patina will act as a protective layer against further corrosion of the planter's outer walls. From the picture you can see that there is almost no rust (hardly any). By this time the drill will have weathered and the weathering steel should have little or no corrosion. One point to consider is that weathering steel (weathering steel) is sealed and completely weathering steel when it is repeatedly exposed to moisture and then allowed to dry. As a result, the amount of rust may vary depending on climate. For reference, the flowerpots in the picture are weathering happily in Seattle.

In addition, staining can occur if the metal of the planter comes into direct contact with the surface on which the planter is located. If you put your flowerpot on the grass, the grass or dirt has nothing to worry about. Or, if you never intend to move the pot, you'll never see the marks it leaves under the floor. But if you want to move the pot without leaving rust, you should make sure the metal in the pot doesn't come into direct contact with surfaces that could be stained. For our POTS, this can be done by placing a plastic strip on the trough foot/leg of the pot. Another solution is to put metal planters on casters. Placing the planter on casters avoids direct contact and makes it easy to move heavy planters.

In general, if you can't tolerate the minimum amount of rust on your deck or terrace, weathering steel planting may not be suitable for your application, so consider other metal planting options such as stainless steel or powder coated aluminum.