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Add a different kind of grilling experience to your outdoor camping trip with AHL's Corten Steel Grill!
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When you and your friends are enjoying a wonderful barbecue, an essential tool is a barbecue grill. Most of the common grills in daily life are made of carbon steel, they are very prone to rust and have a short service life. In recent years, a new type of corten steel grill is gradually gaining popularity. If you're looking for an excellent, durable grill, then a corten grill is an excellent choice for you! So, what is a corten steel grill? And what are its advantages? Today, let me bring you to know more about it!

Unlike the common steel materials in daily life, corten steel has a deceptively old appearance. However, it is this unremarkable rust surface that acts as a protective barrier for corten steel, making it extremely weather-resistant and therefore popular in all walks of life. Of course, the barbecue grill is no exception.

Allow Persistent Use

Corten steel is a type of steel that has excellent corrosion resistance and high weather resistance. Compared to traditional steel, corten steel offers greater resistance to corrosion when exposed to harsh outdoor weather for extended periods of time. That's to say,  your corten steel grill can be maintained and changed much less frequently, resulting in lower cost. In addition, corten steel also has a high level of strength, which ensures the stability and load-bearing capacity of the grill, so you don't have to worry at all about potential insecurity when you're barbecuing with your friends.

Innovative Design

Corten steel grills also continue to push the envelope in design and manufacturing. Today's corten steel grills are not only beautiful and functional, but they also come with a variety of functions and features to meet your different grilling needs. For example, some grills feature adjustable racks and spindles that can be adjusted to the size and shape of your food to ensure even heating. There are also grills that come with removable parts and portable handles for easy portability and storage. Of course, you can also choose accessories for your grill based on the size of your grilling crowd, to suit the tongues and hands of you and your companions.

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Environmentally Friendly

As people become more environmentally conscious, corten steel grills are becoming a sustainable option. Weathering steel is a recyclable steel, which means that at the end of its useful life, it can be recycled, which greatly reduces the need to reduce the waste of natural resources. In addition, corten steel barbecues also have low energy consumption during use as they require very little maintenance. This means that choosing corten grills avoids the use of chemical cleaners, which can reduce the impact on the natural environment such as water and land pollution.

Wide Range of Applications

Corten steel barbecue grill has a wide range of applications. Whether in family gatherings, outdoor camping or commercial activities, the elegant appearance and stable performance of weather-resistant steel barbecue grill can have excellent play. It can not only provide even heating for food, but also increase the taste of ingredients during the grilling process. The only thing you need to do is to choose the right size grill for your grilling crowd and prepare the fuel, and leave the rest to your weatherproof steel grill!


How fast do corten steel grills heat up?

Corten steel grills typically heat up about 10-30% faster than traditional carbon steel grills. This is due to the fact that weathering steel has alloying elements added to the steel, which changes its internal structure, and therefore corten steel grills have better heat conductivity. Moreover, in the manufacturing process of corten steel barbecue grill will also go through a series of processing treatment, such as rolling, annealing, etc., these treatments can further improve its thermal conductivity. Being able to transfer heat to food faster, the corten steel grill is an excellent helper when you are hungry.

Is the material of the corten grill safe and non-toxic?

The materials used in weathering steel grills are safe to use. During the manufacturing process, weather-resistant steel grills undergo strict quality control and hygiene testing. In addition, due to the special nature of the material, weathering steel grill will not release any harmful gases or substances during the heating process, so it will not cause harm to food and human body, just enjoy your food feast.

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Are AHL Corten Grills Suitable for all Types of Fuel?

AHL’s  corten steel grills are designed to accommodate different types of fuels. We offer grills for wood, coal, gas, and many other fuels, and we guarantee that they will burn as well as or better than regular grills, so you can find the perfect weather-resistant steel grill for you. Start your BBQ journey!

Will the corten steel barbecue grill be deformed or bent during use?

Corten steel barbecues are generally not deformed or bent during use. Weathering steel itself is a high-strength steel with excellent corrosion resistance and can maintain stable performance over time. Furthermore, AHL weathering steel grills undergo rigorous quality testing, and we ensure that the product is in the best possible condition when it is delivered to you. If anything unusual happens during use, please contact our after-sales team for repair or replacement.