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How do you use a fireplace efficiently?
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Nothing quite creates a winter holiday ambiance as well as a log in the fireplace and family gathered around to bask in its warmth and glow.

Advantages of fireplace


Have you ever walked into a room with a gorgeous fireplace? Then you know how much the eye can be drawn to them. A well-made and aesthetically pleasing fireplace is the centerpiece of any room. 

Of course, you want every room to look its best, and a fireplace could be the missing piece to pull a room together. Plus, it makes for a fascinating conversation starter for anyone you are entertaining in your home. 


Modern technology and design have made it so that you can have a fireplace in any room and with any design theme. For example, you can have a small brick fireplace in your living room. Some homeowners want a long fireplace that runs the length of a wall or is visible both inside and outside. These are just two examples. You can have a fireplace in your bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom.


Who doesn’t want a way to heat their home more affordably? A fireplace can do that for you. They give off enough heat to provide warmth and comfort on a cold or cool day, the home. You can choose a classic wood-burning option or a modern gas fireplace.

You might think that a wood-burning fireplace is the best option for those looking to protect the environment. However, this is not entirely true. Burning wood can increase your carbon footprint, which we are all looking to avoid. A gas-powered fireplace can give off the same look and feel while being better for the environment. It is safer, too.

Disadvantages of fireplace

Wood-Burning Fireplaces 

●  Using a wood-burning fireplace also means that you must have a supply of logs for your fireplace to work, and using your fireplace actually requires you to build your own fire. In addition to building fires, homeowners must regularly clean ashes from fireplaces to prevent them from building up.

●  If you don’t already have a traditional wood-burning fireplace in your home, adding one would require construction work to add the opening itself and a chimney for ventilation. Furthermore, you may be limited on where you can put your fireplace depending on the layout of your home, or you’d have to remodel your home around your new fireplace. 

Gas Fireplace

●  While you can save on heating costs in the long-run, the cost of installing a gas fireplace could be high if you don’t have an existing gas line connected to your home.

●  There are additional regulations on ventless options. While ventless gas fireplaces have safety sensors, there is a small risk that the lack of ventilation could cause carbon monoxide to enter your home. These issues are rare, though, and yearly inspections ensure that your ventless gas fireplace is working properly and safely.

Of course, it can be dangerous for people to play with or near fire, so keep these tips in mind before lighting your fireplace.

Tips for safe fireplace use

The chimney should be checked annually by a professional.

Even if the chimney is not due for cleaning, it is important to check for animal nests or other blockages that could prevent smoke from escaping.

Minimize your child's chance of burns from the hot glass front of some fireplaces, including gas fireplaces. Safety screens can be installed to reduce the risk of burns.

Make sure the area around the fireplace is clear of anything that is potentially flammable (ie: furniture, drapes, newspapers, books, etc.). If these items get too close to the fireplace, they could catch fire.

Never leave a fire in the fireplace unattended. Make sure it is completely out before going to bed or leaving the house. If you leave the room while the fire is burning or the fireplace is still hot, take your small child with you.

Put fireplace tools and accessories out of a young child's reach. Also, remove any lighters and matches.

Install both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Test them monthly and change the batteries at least once a year. 

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