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How is corten steel cooking equipment used and maintained
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Very popular at any time of year. That's why a barbecue is part of the basic equipment of a garden or patio. A grill made of weather-resistant steel, you are choosing a durable and aesthetically pleasing grill that will delight you with myriad advantages.

Maintenance of corten steel grill

Cleaning the grill is not necessary. After use, use a spatula to slide cooking oil and food residue into the fire. If desired, clean the pan with a damp cloth before use. The corten steel grills can withstand all types of weather and requires no further maintenance.

Use a corten steel grill

Add wood fuel in the center of the baking pan, as the temperature continues to rise, want to spread the outside of the baking pan, that is to say, the center of the baking pan is higher than the outside temperature, so the food taste is different at different temperatures. In the first use, it is important to burn on a low flame for 25 minutes before increasing the fire. This will cause the bottom of the pan to become even hotter. For best results, use a high-burn oil such as sunflower oil.

Our BBQ grills

AHL large weathering steel outdoor grill allows you to enjoy the wonderful outdoor dining. Featuring a unique and functional design that promotes inclusiveness, you can enjoy with family and friends. Using premium materials such as weathering steel and stainless steel, this grill is handcrafted to last a long time.
This grill uses a wood-burning fire pit to heat the grill efficiently. It's also a sustainable way to grill outdoors because it doesn't use gases that emit toxic gases to the environment like many outdoor grills and barbecues do. Also, once your food is done and enjoyed, just top up the fire and it will keep you warm all night!
We believe that good food is a joy that we should all share.


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