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How to choose screen decoration?
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We enhance experience through the creation and design of decorative screens. Ultimately, elevating spaces to bring people together.

Benefits of corten screens:

● Attractive – The right screen can really accentuate your yard, making it a true sight to be seen.

● Increased privacy – The nosy neighbors and odd passersby will have a much harder time seeing your own personal goings-on.

● Shade – On a hot summer’s day, it is always nice to find a bit of shade, and when the sun is beating down on your patio, sometimes you have to bring the shade to you. A privacy screen can offer this much-needed respite from the heat of direct sunlight.

● Hiding eyesores – Sometimes there are things we need to keep outside and they are not always aesthetically pleasing. Things like air conditioning units and water pumps can really distract from your yard’s scenery. Privacy screens are a good way of dividing and keeping things like this out of sight.

                        You can design any pattern you want on the screen

Why Choose Weathering Steel for Screens?

Corten steel elements are the icing on the cake of interior and architectural design projects in the whole world.
They match modern urban spaces and idyllic countryside. Everywhere they appear they are the pride of the hosts.

Quality, precision, trouble-free assembly. The strength and uniqueness of corten steel is confirmed and patented.

All designs are laser cut from 2 mm thick steel sheets. This is the optimal thickness, so that the decoration is not too heavy, and therefore - easy to install.

How do you know if we're right for you?

AHLcorten screens stimulate conversation, inspire creativity, and create Spaces for connections, not just fill them. We are not content to create a set of repetitive standard designs, our designs are fresh, relevant and engaging. We are a boutique company. Our goal is to enhance the experience through creativity and design, bringing people together by enhancing the space. If you want more than just a "decorative screen", then we are the right choice for you. Through each point of contact, our ultimate goal is to provide matching high-quality products and services. Exceed your expectations every step of the way.

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