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Why should you use corten steel screens?
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Why the screens in the corten Garden have never been so beautiful You know they can be used outdoors. Enjoy the fashion, I think it will not only bring beautiful scenery to your garden, as a privacy panel placed around the private garden, private pool, everything you want to cover, can be privacy.

Why use corten steel?

CORTEN is a specialised product made from of a group of steel and alloy materials. When it is left unprotected or sealed and exposed to the elements it will develop a very unique rust patina.

The Corten Steel was originally developed for its versatile strength and its earthy rust finish has made it a popular building material for facades and art pieces. Despite the corrosion on the surface of CORTEN Steel, the material still contains twice the tensile strength to that of mild steel making it an ideal structural building material as well.

About the pattern design of corten steel screen

Different design graphics can present different levels of privacy effects.

Such as:

1. Blank no pattern - a solid panel with no laser cut pattern, complete privacy (opacity 100%)

2. Branch-leaf pattern, covering the whole panel (can also be used in half-height panels)(opacity 50%)

3. Leaf and berry patterns, only in the top fifth of the panel for greater privacy (opacity 80%)

4. Drift - Abstract flower pattern, diagonally across panel (opacity 65%)

You can also design all kinds of patterns you want, such as all kinds of animals and plants.

Beautiful corten steel screen

You can use it as a privacy panel during the day, and then when the night comes you can decorate it with beautiful lights, not only for lighting, but also for walking down the garden path safely in the dark at night and for creating a different view of your garden, and I think that view is very striking. 

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