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Is Corten steel good for barbecue grills?
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Is Corten steel good for barbecue grills?

You've probably heard of corten steel grills. It is the material of choice for fire pits, fire bowls, fire tables, and grills, making them essential for outdoor kitchens and braziers that keep you warm at night while you cook gourmet meals.
Not only is it a decorative focal point for your garden, but with low maintenance costs, you can choose an attractive design in a shape and size that suits you.

Did you know corten steel?

Corten steel, also known as weathering steel, is a type of steel that weathers naturally over time. It develops a unique, attractive, and protective layer of rust when exposed to weather. This coat will protect against further corrosion and will keep the underlayer of steel in good condition.

Famous building

The Angel of the North, a huge architectural sculpture in North-East England, is made of 200 tonnes of weather-resistant steel and is one of the most recognized works of art ever created. The magnificent structure is capable of withstanding winds of more than 100 MPH and will last for more than 100 years thanks to corrosion-resistant materials.

Can corten steel grills be your first choice?

Corten steel grills can be your first choice if you are looking for low- maintenance and long-lasting wood-burning grills. They do not require any paint or weatherproofing and do not cause any impact on structural strength due to a naturally occurring rust-proof layer.Corten steel is not only a rugged and durable material, it's stylish and rustic, making it a popular choice for barbecue grills material.

● Corten steel is non-toxic
● It's 100% recyclable
● Because of the natural development of the protective rust layer, there is no need for any corrosion protective treatment
● A corten steel grill lasts many years longer than a regular metal grill, and the corrosion resistance is eight times that of regular steel.
● This helps the environment by generating much less wastage

What should be paid attention to when using corten steel grills?

Be aware that your new grill will leave a layer of "rust" residue from the manufacturing process, so we recommend that you avoid touching or sitting on it to avoid staining the surface (or clothing).
Always remember to make sure your device is completely cool before removing any ash. Never remove ash or clean immediately after use, be sure to leave it for at least 24 hours.


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