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Large round garden planter of weathering steel
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 This flowerpot is simple, modern and minimalist. Weathering steel planters will not weather the weather in transit and will arrive with bare steel surfaces that they will have to weather over time. Staining of adjacent materials may occur during weathering.Each plant arrives in its natural steel state -- a deep, warm, rust-like patina that develops over time. Patina isn't as corrosive as rust -- it's purely aesthetic and doesn't affect the integrity or function of the pot. You can let steel weather naturally, or speed it up along with complete instructions included. Each pot comes with a removable drain plug.Weathering steel corner box planters can be used as projecting parts of outdoor decks or as fun for rooftop terraces. Featuring a rusty patina finish and modern design, the planter is ideal for a patio accent or as a garden nook. All weathering steel planting racks are manufactured from a thick gauge, fully welded weathering steel base, proven to resist climate-related problems such as cracking in winter and summer. The pot's weathering steel base ensures that the structure will rust on the surface only for aesthetic purposes and not over time. Given this additional durability, weathering steel planting is ideal for residential and commercial environments. With AHL products, you can rest assured that you are receiving a balance of design, durability and convenience.

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