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What is corten steel garden screen panel?
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Who doesn’t like to keep it simple sometimes, Decoview screens can be supplied just flat so they can be fixed into your own frame, screwed to a wall or any way you like!

What is corten steel garden screen panel?

Corten steel garden screen panel is made of 100% corten steel plate, also known as corten steel plate, with a unique rust color, but will not rot, rust or rust scale. The decorative screen is designed by laser cutting and can be customized with various floral patterns, models, textures, figures, etc. And with high quality corten steel surface pretreatment specific and exquisite process control color, express the magic of different styles, styles and environments, elegant with low-key, quiet, leisurely, leisurely feeling. It comes with an identical color corten steel frame for added rigidity and support, making it easier to install.

About our corten steel screen panels

Not only do we stock corten steel screens, the size is fashionable and meets the aesthetic habits of most people. This is based on my company over the years of data accumulation, and through the weather wire mesh market research, customer demand, and customer feedback to get. We also customize decorative guardrail panels for customers. Our factory has rich raw materials and processing equipment, from raw materials to finished products, every step is under our control, so we can guarantee your quality, delivery time and better price.

Delivery time

Lead time will depends on the quantity of order. if it is general model with our general design, and there is no too much order here in our workshop, one bbq grill will be done within 3days. and 100 units same grill with general design would be done within 30 days. For customized model, we have to work on deisgn first. that would be nee more time.

How about the Corten garden screen panels? 2022-Dec-02