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Why Use Corten Steel To Make The Grill?
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What is corten? Why is it called corten steel?

Corten steel is a steel to which phosphorus, copper, chromium and nickel molybdenum have been added. These alloys improve the atmospheric corrosion resistance of Corten steel by forming a protective layer on the surface. It falls into the category of reducing or eliminating the use of paints, primers or paints on materials to prevent rust. When exposed to the environment, the steel develops a copper-green keep-active layer to protect the steel from corrosion. That's why this steel is called corten steel.

Service life of corten steel.

In the right environment, corten steel will form an adherent, protective rust "slurry" that inhibits further corrosion. Corrosion rates are so low that bridges constructed from unpainted corten steel can achieve a design life of 120 years with only nominal maintenance.

The benefits of using a corten steel grill.

Corten steel has low maintenance cost, long service life, strong practicability, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Unlike stainless steel, it does not rust at all. Weathering steel only has surface oxidation and does not penetrate deep into the interior. It has the anti-corrosion properties of copper or aluminum. Over time, it's covered with a patina-colored anti-corrosion coating; an outdoor grill made of corten steel is beautiful, durable, and requires little maintenance.

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