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Delicate galvanized steel garden edging

Delicate galvanized steel garden edging

Many people use corten steel garden edges to make their backyards and gardens easier to maintain. Quality edging will stop grass from spreading to adjacent areas you don't want.
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 We produce a full range of corten steel garden edge products that are easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, wearable and affordable. Whether you want to create a clear, straight-edged lawn area that is easy to maintain, or a series of curved terraced flower beds, you can do this quickly, easily and cheaply using AHL's underground and above-ground corten steel garden edges solution.
In the 1930s, US Steel developed a Steel alloy for outdoor use that did not require paint. It was named Corten steel. Garden edges made from similar alloy steel are an important part of our product range. The steel is designed to acquire an attractive patina in a relatively short time, and this surface rust can actually protect the steel from further corrosion. Using our weathered steel trim, you can create beautiful flower beds, lawn areas, garden paths and tree surrounds that really stand the test of time. All of our weathered garden edges come with a 10-year warranty, but with a little maintenance and attention, it should remain in good condition for much longer than that: maybe 30 or 40 years!
It also prevents mulch from spreading all over the lawn or yard every time you water your flowerbeds. There are many practical advantages, but aesthetics and longevity are also important to most people, and that's where our rusty steel garden edges come in.
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