BBQ Cooking Equipment and Accesssories

Read our roundups of accessories for any barbecue enthusiast, from aprons and cookers to tools and gadgets that can help you get more out of your grilling. Choosing the right grilling tools helps with grilling, and there are some fine kits designed to help you get great flavors and great dishes from an improved outdoor cooking experience.
Custom sizes available according to the actual situation
Rusted Finish
3mm sheet 24kg per square meter
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BBQ Tools and Accesssories
AHL Corten BBQ grill is made of corrosion-resistant weather-resistant steel, allowing you to steam, boil, roast and other outdoor cooking freedom, providing barbecue entertainment, friends gathering, the opportunity to warm up in four seasons.

Cotten Grill is a functional work of art that brings you an amazing cooking experience in a simple classic style. AHL Corten is a professional manufacturer of Corten steel processing and can offer 21 grills over CE certification, available in a variety of sizes and custom designs.

AHL CORTEN also provides grilling tools and necessary accessories such as handles, flat grills, raised grills, etc.
Including Necessary Accessories
Flat Grid
Raised Grid
easy installation
easy to move on
easy to clean
economy and durability
Why choose AHL CORTEN BBQ tools?
1. The three-part modular design makes the AHL CORTEN grill easy to install and move.

2. The durability and low maintenance cost of the grill are determined by the weathering steel, which is known for its excellent weather resistance. The fire Pit grill can be placed outdoors all year round.

3. Large area (up to 100cm in diameter) and good thermal conductivity (up to 300˚C) make it easier to cook and entertain guests.

4. It's easy to clean the grill with a spatula, just use the spatula and cloth to wipe off any crumbs and oil, and your grill is ready for reuse.

5.AHL CORTEN grill is environmentally friendly and sustainable, while its decorative aesthetics and unique rustic design make it eye-catching.
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