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Economic and durable rust-like corten steel planter
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What is a weathering steel planter?
Unlike other planter box materials, weathering steel is weathering steel, which means that it will naturally develop a beautiful rust-like protective coating over time. Weathering steel is a great choice because it has a longer life than regular steel and develops a beautiful rustic finish.
How long does Corten steel take to rust?
Typically, weathering steel will rust or rust within 6 months of being exposed to the atmosphere. Most weathering steel types require wet/dry weather cycles to develop and oxidize. With protective rust that provides corrosion resistance, weathering steel can be used for decades to more than 100 years.
Can you use weathering steel to grow vegetables?
Corten steel plant pots are great for container gardening. They can be used on areas like roofs or patios to create herb and vegetable gardens. Plus, they're great for growing herbs and vegetables using the space along the fence.