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Rustic style corten steel planters for garden design
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Rustic style corten steel planters for garden design

Our AHL corten steel flower planter pots are forged from high quality weather-resistant steel. Industrial strength construction and precision manufacturing ensure extremely high durability and lifetime use.
"What makes corten different from regular steel -- and one of its biggest benefits in the garden -- is that it gets harder and harder over time," Meredith wrote.


Our forged rustic corten steel flower planter pots can be paired with any style, whether farmhouse, country, vintage or industrial. Simple and modern design makes them the perfect addition to your home, porch, garden, deck, dining room or office.

Why choose AHL rustic style corten steel planters?

1. Corten steel has excellent corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material for outdoor gardens. It becomes harder and stronger with time;

2. AHL CORTEN steel planter no maintenance, no worry about cleaning and service life;

3. AHL corten steel planter pots design is simple and practical, can be widely used in garden landscape.